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Hot-Selling 3D Iron Scorpion Metal DIY Puzzle Gift For Adult

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Hot-Selling 3D Iron Scorpion Metal DIY Puzzle Gift For Adult

This 3D iron scorpion puzzle is an exciting craft item made from high quality metal materials. Once completed, it takes on the shape of a lifelike scorpion, and what makes it even more intriguing is that each part of the scorpion is movable, providing you with a more interactive and entertaining experience.

The puzzle is available in five colours: fresh blue, warm red, vibrant green, mysterious purple and luxurious gold! Each colour lends a different vibe and personality to the product, allowing you to customise your unique scorpion artwork to suit your personal preferences or decorative needs.


    Material Iron
    Dimensions 18.5CM*12.8CM*7.5CM
    Weight 0.63kg
    Package Paper Box
    MOQ 10 pcs


    Product Introduction

    Metal Texture: 
    Crafted from exquisite metal materials, this puzzle not only ensures durability and sturdiness but also imparts a unique metal texture to the entire piece. You can feel the noble quality in your hands, enhancing the overall tactile experience.

    Precision Assembly: 
    Each component undergoes meticulous design and cutting to guarantee precision and perfection during assembly. Completing the puzzle requires you to showcase your clever handcrafting skills, turning the entire process into a delightful challenge.

    Articulated Design:
     Every part of the scorpion is designed to be articulated, allowing you to flexibly move and adjust the creature's posture. This adds an extra layer of amusement and display possibilities, making the puzzle not just a static creation but an interactive and dynamic piece.

    Decorative Artwork: 
    Once finished, this 3D metal puzzle transforms into more than just a captivating handicraft; it becomes a unique decorative artwork. Whether placed in your living space or office, it adds a touch of charm and sophistication to your surroundings.

    Ideal Gift Choice:
    This 3D metal puzzle is more than just a gift, it is a soothing journey for the soul. The process of putting it together is a meditative and relaxing experience in itself, allowing the recipient to find a moment of peace in their busy lives. Giving this gift is giving a gift of companionship and warmth.


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